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Frequently Asked Questions

- Storepanel FAQs
- Tiles FAQs

Storepanel FAQs

1a. What is Storpanel made of?
1b. Where can I use Storpanel?
1c. What accessories are available?
1d. What are my installation options?
1e. How easy is Storpanel to install?
1f. What tools do I need?
1g. How tough is Storpanel?
1h. How difficult is Storpanel to maintain?
1i. Can I use Storpanel outside?
1j. Can Storpanel be reused?
1k. Is Garage Panelling gimmick ?

1a. What is Storpanel made of?

Storpanel is an attractive, solid core, closed cell polymer extrusion. The engineered panel is a polyvinyl that is resistant to sunlight, is static resistant and water proof. It requires modern technologies to create a storage panel system that is tough enough for garages, workshops, retail showroom – in fact anywhere where you want to use your wall space efficiently and effectively.

Where can I use Storpanel?

Storpanel is the ideal design solution for any storage, organisation or display problem. Storpanel solves problems in the office, factory, hospital, pharmacy, and restaurant or even at home.

What accessories are available?

Garage Storage World can supply a complete range of accessories: hooks, shelves, baskets – over 100 different products to hold just about everything you find in garages and workshops.

What are my installation options?

Storpanel can be mounted to a wall as a temporary, changeable or permanent installation. Storpanel can be installed over existing walls, on concrete bricks or bare studs in new construction. Storpanel can be adapted to existing panel systems for wall systems for modular construction.


How easy is Storpanel to install?

Storpanel can be easily installed by one person. A 2400mm x 300mm Storpanel panel is only 5.75kg. It is easy to transport to the site and convenient to install. Our unique installation system can be used to avoid unsightly screws in your panel and to maximise strength and weight loading, as well as to speed up and simplify your installation.

What tools do I need?

Common hand and power tools are all thats necessary for a professional installation. Any fabrication technique used with solid wood can be used with Storpanel. Storpanel can be drilled, cut, routed or shaped just like wood. It can be sanded, nailed, screwed and glued.

How tough is Storpanel?

The Storpanel material was engineered to be strong, tough and durable. It is not affected by water, dirt, dust or harsh environments. Storpanel is stain resistant. Colours are solid core, an integral part of the material. This makes scratches, dings and gouges almost impossible to see.

How difficult is Storpanel to maintain?

Easy! Storpanel comes clean with a damp cloth and can be washed using any commercially available cleaner. It can be disinfected with household bleach (great for laboratory and medical applications). Permanent markers come off with lacquer thinner. Small scratches disappear with an acetone wipe.

Can I use Storpanel outside?

Storpanel is weather proof. It is not affected by water, dirt or dust. Storpanel resists the effects of sunlight and is UV resistant. Storpanel can be used in fresh and salt water environments. Storpanel opens a whole new world of storage and display!

Can Storpanel be reused?

Storpanel is an extremely durable, solid core material that will keep looking good for years. If you move, simply unscrew the panel from the wall and take it with you. Alternatively , use the flexibility of the Storpanel strip hang up system which makes creating seasonal display, moving exhibits or changing background colours a quick, simple, one person operation. Storpanel is ideal for growing businesses or families.

Is Garage Panelling a Gimmick?

Yes it can be a bit of a Gimmick if not used correctly!  Garage panelling is pushed very hard by certain Garage bussinesses as there is more money to be made in it as they up sell you and lock you into all their gimmicky brackets etc.  Some will even sell you the panelling floor to ceiling when you will never hang something right up in the corner of the garage.  Some have no other way to install their cabinets other than on the panel which just is a waste of money!  Garage Panel is expensive compared to a cabinet and its storage capacity as on the panel you can only hang one item in that place - whereas a 600mm deep cabinet you can fill it up plus its much stronger!

Tiles FAQs

2a. Where are Autodeck Tiles Made?
2b. What weight can they take?
2c.Can I drive my car on them?
2d. What makes them so strong?
2e. Will they fade or warp?
2f. How do the tiles join together?
2g. How long does it take to lay a floor?
2h. How do you cut the tiles?</a>
2i. Do the tiles move once installed?

Where are Autodeck Tiles Made? They are 100% Australian Made - When we say "Australian Made" we mean it. We can use the Australian Made Logo and were proud of it ! Be careful - Autodeck is the only Australian Made Polypropylene Garage Tile. All other tiles are manufactured overseas.

What weight can they take? Each tile is rated to 9000kgs.

Can I drive my car on them? That is exactly what they are deigned for. In fact with each tile taking upto 9000kgs, you can even drive a truck on them.


What makes them so strong? They are made from a plastic called Polypropylene. You find this material used in the automotive industry for items such as car bumpers and alot of under bonnet compents. Quality, long-lasting, floors result from a combination of flawless manufacture and the best materials. Our manufacturing process assures our floors have no flaws or weak points, which inevitably cause cracking and breaking later on. Our single flow injection molding system ensures material flows consistently throughout the mold from a single point, leaving no break or flow points. This process is expensive, but the results are invaluable.

Will they fade or warp? No. Firstly we add UV stabiliser to the base material - polypropylene so they wont buckle or warp in the heat and them we ad UV stabiliser to the colour, so the tile wont fade in the sunlight.

How do the tiles join together? On each tile, two sides have 7 male connectors on each side and the other two sides have female connectors. This enables the tiles to interconnect with each other, forming a tight join on all 4 sides. When engaged, the locks actually become part of the flooring structure, strengthening the floor. What’s more, this method of joining, lets the floor expand and contract naturally in garages with big temperature variations.

How long does it take to lay a floor? This depends on size and pattern / colours. Say a doudle garage in one colour would take around 2 hours total to install, including cutting around pillars etc.

How do you cut the tiles? You can use any woodcutting tools such as jig saws, circular saws - even hand saws!

Do the tiles move once installed? Aprt from slight expansion / contraction due to temperature, they will not move once on the floor. This is due to the amount of interation the bottom of the tiles has with the floor.


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