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AutoDeck Tiles

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Garage Floors require dedicated Garage Flooring

Garage Blitz will not be selling AutoDeck any more as it has become far too expensive. 

Is your Garage floor cold & dirty?  Concrete with oil stains?  Expensive epoxy paint peeling?

Scroll down & read why Sydney is embracing Super Tough garage floor tiles from AutoDeck tiles.

What are AutoDeck Garage floor tiles? Well as the name suggests they are tough garage floor tiles and after assembly they become a “Deck”! It’s a Deck that can handle the weight of an “Automobile” – actually AutoDeck tiles can handle over 9,000kgs per tile which makes them perfect for the garage or vehicle display.

 Garage Flooring AutoDeck Tiles

Whether you’re looking for a super tough Garage Floor covering or a product display floor, AutoDeck is the "non-toxic" flooring solution made just for you.

Fast to Assemble: AutoDeck garage floor tiles are 305mm x 305mm and 12mm high and are very fast to assemble because of their superior patented 7 points of connection system.  This "click-engagement" system also elimates the use of toxic glues and specialist tools.  The 7 points of connection also make them incredibly strong – you could do a 3 point turn in a very large truck and they won’t ever come apart! Simple technique for disassembly. Install an average Garage Floor in less than a day! 

Moisture: The garage tiles also have a channelling system built in under the tile to enable the concrete to naturally breathe and remove any moisture – “this is the single most reason why epoxy paint peels”        

Look & Feel: AutoDeck garage floor tiles are now made in Australia and are free floating on your concrete floor. AutoDeck garage flooring will give your garage an "interior decorator look and feel". The garage tiles are never cold in winter or too hot in summer and will instantly transform that unsightly concrete garage floor adding value $$$ to your home fast. Concrete alone produces dust and with AutoDeck garage tiles this is greatly reduced.

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Garage Flooring AutoDeck Tiles

Colours: There are 14 colours available to cater from the home renovator right through to the car enthusiast or any business looking to promote their corporate colours. As mentioned above we can also supply 6m x 3m stand alone display floors for product display. And remember with AutoDeck garage floor tiles it can be moved to another location as easy as it was to assemble.   

Environmentally Friendly Flooring - Garage Floor Tiles

As AutoDeck garage flooring tiles are a free floating garage floor covering, there is no need to use dangerous chemicals during installation as found in other applications like epoxy garage paint products.

AutoDeck is also incredibly easy to recycle, simply unclip the tiles to resell or take it with you.

AutoDeck garage flooring tiles, as opposed to other garage floor coverings, have the added advantage that when it comes time to clean you can use a broom, vacuum cleaner or mop. This eliminates the unnecessary waste of water and electricity having to hose or high pressure clean concrete or other floor coverings.

Available In

AutoDeck Garage Flooring Tile Specifications

AutoDeck Garage Floor Tile Size: 305 mm x 305 mm x 12 mm

Weight Per AutoDeck tile: Diamond Plate Tile - 0.442 kg / 442.25 grams

AutoDeck Floor tiles weight carrying ability: 9,071 kg / per tile

Tile structure:
 AutoDeck tiles are made from a Polypropylene co-polymer; this is a super strong High-impact material

AutoDeck Tile Fire Rating: AutoDeck Garage Floor tiles hold the Yellow Card Number of “UL 94HB” from the manufactures Underwriters Laboratory.  This analysis signifies that the AutoDeck Garage Flooring product will not flare up with exposure to an open flame and has exhibited a slow burn rate of 50mm per minute for a 50mm wide, 0.5 millimetre thickness examination sample. AutoDeck meets the appropriate standards in floating floors.

AutoDeck Locking System: The Patented seven (7) Male and Female clip/loop connection system gives AutoDeck tiles a super secure fit (unlike simular products) and snaps together with no tools required. The superior fit and finish of AutoDeck Garage Floor tiles enables them to handle over 9,000Kgs per tile while still looking amazing!    

AutoDeck Features: AutoDeck Garage flooring is designed for fast installation and assembly eliminating toxic glues or epoxy paint. AutoDeck Tiles have channels underneath to allow concrete to breathe through to the front of the garage, substantially reducing dust and moisture inside the garage. AutoDeck Garage Tiles Connect and disconnect easily making them ideal for temporary or permanent displays. Packs away efficiently and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

AutoDeck Edging: AutoDeck tile edging provides a gradual transition onto the AutoDeck floor, its ideal for the garage door entry or for around the outside of the AutoDeck presentation deck or display. AutoDeck tile edging uses the same clip/loop connection system as the AutoDeck tiles making it very fast to install.

AutoDeck Warranty: 25-year warranty against manufacturer's defect.


News Flash !! Garage Blitz is proud to announce that AutoDeck tiles are now manufactured right here in Australia. This is the first Garage Tile made in Australia and can proudly carry the MADE IN AUSTRALIA logo. Resistant to most chemicals and oils, dirt, engine heat and is simple to clean and maintain and cleans up with mild detergent. Installation is very easy with male to female loops that snap together easily without tools. AutoDeck`s patented 7-loop connection system makes AutoDeck the simplest modular flooring system to install on the market! The AutoDeck tile is super strong, able to take 10 ton per tile! Available in a wide variety of colours and a 10 year warranty. Now MADE IN AUSTRALIA, the Autodeck Garage Floor Tile - makes it the only choice for your Garage Floor. Call or email Garage Blitz today.

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